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Book Multiple Services

With the Dego App you will be able to access multiple services provided by verified service provider professionals to make things in life just a little simpler for you.

Time Saver and Availability in Your Hands

Dego is just like a true friend who is always there for you, anywhere and anytime.

Access availability of services and service provider professionals while saving your precious time.

Earn with your Car, Bike or other services

Dego's mission is to create social impact for the informal sector with the professional services they offer to create a better standard of living for them and their communities. This app aims at providing a better opportunity to the local communities by employing them and making their lives empowered with technology and giving them access to freedom of time and choice. Anybody can earn with Dego by associating them with the app and providing great valuable services to the customers.

You can also be a Motorcycle Rider or a Delivery agent of Dego and earn a handsome amount of income.